20mm “Matt Frost” serum vial seals by Canada Lab Supply


20mm flip-off vial seals Canada. Aluminum tear off or flip off seals come in many different colors. Best and lowest prices on flip top seals. Sold North America wide


Seals are a crucial part of a vial system. Though Flip-Off Seals do not have direct product contact, the selection of an appropriate seal is critical to ensuring container closure integrity, drug protection, user convenience and safety.


These Matt Frost serum vial seals are made of high quality materials and strictly manufactured to provide exceptional seal integrity. These Matt Frost vial seals have a smooth plastic cap edge, no burs of rough plastic around the edges, the plastic cap flips off nicely with no jagged metal edges at the perforation. These beautifully crafted seals with their unique Matt Frost finish and vibrant colors will set your product apart from your competition.



  • Unique matt frosted design
  • Deep vibrant colors
  • Exceptional quality design

20mm Blue Flip-Off Seals - "Matt Frost"